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Unlimited in his ability to create in any media, Master Sculptor and painter Vadim Bora leaves behind a legacy of commanding art, strength in community, and arts leadership in both his adopted American home of Asheville, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and his hometown of Vladikavkaz in Russia's Caucasus.

Vadim Bora created work in public, private, and museum collections that reflects the high standards found in classical and contemporary European techniques and traditions mixed with the vitality and independence of the New World, all translated through the prism of his rich fantasy, enormous talent and remarkable intellect. He is sorely missed by family, friends, students, colleagues, and collectors who may take solace in Bora's own words:

"In the end, life is quite short. What you leave behind is your legacy, and for an artist — that is his soul poured onto canvas, sculpted into clay and stone."
~ Vadim Bora, (1954-2011)

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